Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I overcome my embarrassment about seeking information and advice concerning cosmetic surgery?

A: Concern with one’s physical appearance is a normal human trait. Throughout the centuries, improvement of one’s appearance has been sought after through varying modes of dress and adornment, use of male and female cosmetics and beauty-enhancing products, control of diet for body weight, ingestion of vitamins, use of perfumes, fragrances and skin conditioners, and even behavioral mannerisms.

Your plastic surgeon can help you acquire a healthy attitude toward cosmetic surgery during the consultation. He will give you information to remove or lessen your fears and anxiety. He will explain the goals and limitations of plastic surgery, encourage an honest appraisal of your physical shortcomings, and estimate what kind of cosmetic improvement can be achieved through surgery.

A: Undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve one’s self-image can be the ultimate form of catering to vanity , but it is only one more modality in a long list since the beginnings of man that includes the constant changing of styles of clothes, hair and self-adornment.

It is impossible to measure human suffering. A minor physical irregularity can be of no consequence to one individual and yet can be of major significance to another.

Q: Isn’t cosmetic surgery only for vain people?

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