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Q: How can I put myself in the right frame of mind and overcome the fear I have for a plastic surgery operation?

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A: There may be urgent reasons for having aesthetic plastic or cosmetic surgery. You may have a career that you are unwilling to relinquish and that is dependent upon your attractive youthful appearance. You may be suffering in silent desperation when you look at yourself in the mirror and see what aging has done to you. You may need “a whole new you” to shake off the “blues” of the menopause years. These are valid reasons for desiring cosmetic surgery.

Having a certain fear of undergoing a surgical procedure is normal and many people experience this. In a way, it can be beneficial for someone who is considering having cosmetic surgery. It means that you are aware that having cosmetic plastic surgery is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly. Beware of any doctor who tells you there are no possible risks involved in surgery. There are always risks, and these should be discussed frankly. Having a certain fear can also be good if it will lead you to educate yourself and make an informed decision, considering factors such as benefits, risks and affordability.

One of the most important ways to overcome your fear is to minimize the risks involved by choosing a qualified plastic surgeon you can trust. Knowing that you are in skilled, capable and experienced hands does much to allay the fears many patients have. Feel free to ask your plastic surgeon any questions you have to gain more understanding of possible risks. Often, when you have considered all these factors and have made a good decision regarding your choice of surgeon, you will become more confident and will be able to summon up the initiative and motivation for physical improvement. The patient with a healthy attitude toward cosmetic surgery will accept its benefits willingly and happily.

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