The Cosmetic Surgery Boom & Media

Several factors are responsible for the boom in cosmetic surgery today. First of all, the public has been continuously bombarded by the communications media and are much more aware of the options available to them.

For thousands of years, matters of appearance were very simple. If there was you didn’t like about the way you looked, there were only two things you could do. Try to hide it. Or, learn to live with it.

Those days are over. Medicine and technological breakthroughs have changed the rules. Plastic surgery now offers something we’ve never had before…choice. Media has greatly influenced people’s consciousness about their choices.

All over the world, people from all walks of life have made a change for the better through plastic surgery. Media has changed how cosmetic surgery is perceived. Once exclusive to the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more acceptable to ordinary people. Those who have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures are also more open about them.

The emphasis on physical beauty and body consciousness encouraged by media has influenced the way women see themselves. Studies show that many people equate self-worth and the worth of others with the attainment of attractiveness. TV, movies, and magazines influence standards of beauty and pressure people to aspire to reach these often unrealistic standards.

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