On Cosmetic Surgery Travel/Vacation Packages

I have spent this morning surfing the internet regarding cosmetic surgery travel packages being offered in various countries like Thailand and South Africa.

The time is ripe for the Philippines to be a major destination for medical tourism. We have many qualified and well-trained doctors who have acquired their postgraduate or fellowship training from well-known institutions in the U.S.A. and have been mentored by leading plastic surgeons.

In my practice, an increasing number of my patients are based abroad. Many of them are immigrants to the United States who come back to the Philippines for a vacation to visit their relatives here. An increasing number of patients are overseas contract workers based in Europe (notably from Italy and Switzerland), the Middle East, Japan, and Hongkong. They decided to include cosmetic surgery as part of their vacation because of their trust in the skills of our surgeons, combined with the fact that costs here are remarkably lower compared to other countries like the U.S., U.K., Singapore, Australia, and South Africa.

The affordable cost of cosmetic plastic surgery in the Philippines has also attracted an increasing number of patients of other nationalities. They come to the Philippines to avail of the excellent medical and surgical services that we can offer them. They have also pleasantly discovered the warm hospitality of the Filipinos and the beauty of this tropical paradise of 7,100 islands.

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