Plastic Surgery Offers a Choice

Blame Mother Nature. Blame your parents. Blame it on bad luck. But whatever you do, don’t blame yourself if you were born with something you’re unhappy with. You’re not alone. Psychology Today magazine did a study which showed that lots of people feel Mother Nature could have done a better job.

60,000,000 don’t like their noses.
30,000,000 don’t like their chins.
6,000,000 don’t like their ears.
And 6,000,000 don’t like their eyes.

For thousands of years, matters of appearance were very simple. If there was something you didn’t like about the way you looked, there were only two things you could do. Try to hide it. Or, learn to live with it.

The good news is, those days are over. Medicine and technological breakthroughs have changed the rules. Plastic surgery now offers something we’ve never had before…choice. All over the world, more than 2,000,000 people make a change for the better through plastic surgery every year. So can you.

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