In keeping with the principle of Doctor-Patient confidentiality, Dr. Lasa does not reveal the identities of his patients. However, the following are actual words received from some of his patients.

Dear Dr. Lasa,

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful care you have given me. You have treated me with such kindness and I am so happy with the wonderful results – you are fantastic. Thanks again,

L. ( female abdominoplasty patient)

Hello there Carlos,
As you surely know I’m very happy about my new ME…All in all I’m very satisfied…
Best Regards,

S. (female patient)

During the 3rd quarter of 2009, my eldest daughter noticed a yellowish-orangey growth on both of my upper eyelids. Thinking that it might be some kind of parasite, she advised me to go to a dermatologist.

The dermatologist suspected that the yellowish-orangey growth might be due to cholesterol deposits and recommended that it be removed via injection. Thinking that this would be some sort of cosmetic botox, I decided to consult Dr. Charlie Lasa who is a plastic surgeon. He advised that it be surgically removed, warning that it will definitely leave a mark which I’d have to conceal with a make-up. My response was to pray about it first since I wanted to be sure that the reason for having it removed was due to health and not simply vanity. Second, I don’t use make-up.

Several months thereafter, the yellowish-orangey growth got bigger. Another friend advised me to see an optical surgeon since this shall definitely involve eye surgery. The optical surgeon discussed the details . . .‘remove the growth, cut some skin from the edges of my upper eyelids and sow these on the removed growth.’ Then late March 2010, another dermatologist that I met also advised to have it surgically removed with a guarantee that there shall be no visible marks. After a thorough research,

I found out that the growth was called ‘Xanthelasma (xanthelasma palpebrarum), often seen in people with high cholesterol or other fat (lipid) levels in the blood, and the lesions contain deposits that are high in fat (lipid-rich), such as high cholesterol or high triglycerides.

After tons of prayer, I decided to ask Dr. Lasa to remove it. I’m truly so, so grateful that he performed the surgery for the following reasons:

1. He was very thorough;

2. He was very transparent, clearly explaining what will happen, what to expect; and what I must do;

3. He made follow-ups to make sure everything was well;

4. Healing took only around 2-3 weeks; and

5. The mark is not that conspicuous so still alright not to cover with make-up.

Thank you so much Dr. Charlie . . . your service is a great blessing!

K.Y. (female patient)

Dr. Lasa was very professional during the consultation. Initially, I wanted to do a double-eye lid surgery for both eyes and a nose job. Through the consultation, he clarified all of my questions and concerns. In the end, I decided to go slowly and I did double-eye lid surgery for one eye. I am highly satisfied with the outcome of the surgery and Dr. Lasa’s professionalism: It looks natural, enhanced my natural beauty and made my face more symmetrical. I am now considering a nose job. I’d definetly ask Dr.Lasa if I have another chance to visit Manila.


34 years old female patient from Japan

Dear Dr. Lasa,

Warm greetings!

Thank you so much for the help in turning me into a new ME!

It was really great to hear from my friends na bakit naging guwapo daw ako (saying why did I become handsome) in just a short period of time! And some of them would like to do the same. I will definitely refer them to you!

Again, thank you so much.


E. (male rhinoplasty patient)

Dear Dr. Lasa,

You’re really the best!

Thank you for making me look good!

Before I decided to do my lip surgery, I search on the web and look for the best cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines. There you go and found Dr. Carlos Lasa Jr. , true enough I did not made a mistake choosing him to do my surgery. I find it that Dr. Lasa follows what his patient really needs to get done, with his years of expertise and true concern to his patient that is made him the “best surgeon” in the Philippines. I also appreciate the hospitality from all of his staff. Lastly, I’m truly happy and satisfied with the result of my surgery. I thank Dr. Lasa and your staff for the job well done.”

T. (female patient)

I decided to go for Dr. Lasa because he could perform an eyebag removal operation that seems to be the standard procedure here in Los Angeles where I live. I tried looking but I could not find anyone else who could perform it. This impressed me because I could see that Dr. Lasa is ahead of the curve and updates himself on the latest procedures in the US. I can get a top-notch US-caliber procedure at a Philippine price. My experience was very pleasant. The operation went smoothly and Dr. Lasa was excellent with his post-operation follow-ups. His assistants were also very friendly and courteous. They treated me very well. It was a great experience and more importantly, I look much better now. A lot of my friends are saying I look so refreshed and they could not tell that I had an operation. It definitely made me feel much better about myself. I would gladly fly back home for another operation with Dr. Lasa if I need it.

P.M. (male patient)

Dear Dr. Carlos Lasa Jr,

Me and my mother are fine. The flight was good and arrived safely to Australia. It was a great experience the surgery was a job well done, Ihaven’t had any problems or any side effects so far and they healed in no time.The girls were great nurses. I couldn’t ask for anyone better, not only great to talk to, their hospitality was wonderful and their english was very good. I would highly recommend anyone from overseas or in the philippines to get it done at your surgery.

Hope you are all well, Thank you so much for everything.

Kind Regards,

M.P (female patient)

The years after Rhinoplasty and Buccel fat removal have been wonderful and confident. Dr Carlos is an inspiration to me!

R. T. (male patient from Singapore)

I wished you could see the difference and what it had done to my self-esteem, Dr. Lasa. But it is a well kept secret even among friends. They noticed something after not seeing me for several years but they could not pinpoint what it was. I feel great. You are an excellent doctor and I would highly recommend you to anyone, especially friends and family.

L. T. (female patient)

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