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Are Looks that Important? Looking Good, It's your Choice
How to Select a Qualified Plastic Surgeon
Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippines

Affordable Quality Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

Affordable Abdominal Liposuction
Affordable Abdominoplasty
Affordable Acne Scar Removal

Affordable Aptos® Thread Feather Lift
Affordable Aptos® Thread for Breast Lifting

Affordable Arm Liposuction
Affordable Asian Blepharoplasty

Affordable BOTOX® Injections Treatment

Affordable Brachioplasty

Affordable Breast Augmentation
Affordable Breast Implant Removal/Revision

Affordable Breast Lift Surgery
Affordable Breast Nipple Reduction
Affordable Breast Reconstruction
Affordable Breast Reduction Surgery
Affordable Breast Surgery
Brow Lift

Affordable Calf Augmentation
Affordable Cheek Augmentation
Affordable Chemical Peel
Affordable Chin Augmentation
Affordable Dermabrasion

Affordable Double Eyelid Surgery
Affordable Facelift Surgery

Affordable Liposuction
Affordable Rhinoplasty
Affordable Rhinoplasty for Asians

Curriculum Vitae: Profile

Curriculum Vitae: Academic Background
Curriculum Vitae: Achievements - Publications & Research
Curriculum Vitae: Achievements - Scientific Lectures
Profile Summary and Procedures Offered

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Procedures at a Glance

Abdominal Liposuction
Acne Scar Removal
Alar Plasty
Aptos® Thread Feather Lift
Aptos® Thread for Breast Lifting
Arm Liposuction
Blepharoplasty, Eyebag Surgery, Eyelid Surgery
BOTOX® Injections Treatment
Breast Augmentation
Breast Implant Removal/Revision
Breast Implant Safety
Breast Lift Surgery
Breast Nipple Reduction
Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reduction Surgery
Breast Surgery
Brow Lift
Buccal Fat Extraction
Buttocks Augmentation
Buttocks Lift Surgery
Calf Augmentation
Cheek Augmentation
Chemical Peel
Chin Augmentation
Dimple Creation

Double Eyelid Surgery
Ear Surgery
Eyelid Surgery
Face Lift Surgery
Forehead Lift
Liposuction Surgery
Mesotherapy for Spot Reduction & Cellulite
Mesotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation
Mole removal
Nasal Bridge Augmentation / Reduction
Nasal Tip Augmentation / Reduction
Obagi Blue Peels®
Rhinoplasty for Asians
Scar Revision / Scar Repair
Tummy Tuck

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
What is the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?
Who should perform cosmetic surgery?
How can I select a qualified plastic surgeon?

How can I put myself in the right frame of mind and overcome the fear I have for a plastic surgery operation?

How much will the surgery cost and will I be able to afford it?
Cosmetic Surgery Package Fees
Laboratory Tests

Carlos Lasa, Jr., M.D.: Contact Information

News Feeds: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery News from Around the World

Computer Imaging

Dr. Carlos Lasa, Jr.'s Weblog Articles

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Cosmetic Surgery is Not a Miracle Cure
Plastic Surgery Offers a Choice
Is it Wrong to Have Cosmetic Surgery?
Should Christians Have Cosmetic Surgery?
Affordable Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippines
On Cosmetic Surgery Travel/Vacation Packages
Cosmetic Surgery Vacation Tips
Cosmetic Surgery for Travelling Patients
Plastic Surgery 2005
Guidelines for Cosmetic Surgery Tourism
How to Look Good this Summer Without Really Trying
Dimples, Anyone?
Mentor Implants Now Available in the Philippines
Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon: What's the Difference?
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Medical Tourism in the Philippines
The Dangers of Silicone oil injections for Non-surgical Breast Augmentation and Noselifts
Evaluating Cosmetic Surgery Credentials

Medical Tourism

Cosmetic Surgery Vacations in the Philippines
Affordable Quality Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

Scientific Research about Beauty

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Dr. Carlos I. Lasa, Jr., Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Korben Place
3rd Floor, 91 Roces Avenue cor. Scout Tobias St.,
Quezon City, Philippines

Tel (632)-8374-6092 (PLDT)
Tel (632)-7940-8432 (Globe)
Cellphone +639178229014

Email Dr. Carlos Lasa, Jr. or


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