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Breast Implant Safety

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The female breast has long been recognized as a potent symbol of femininity. Through the centuries, a lot of effort has been made by the makers of brassieres, corsets, swimsuits and other women’s apparel, to enhance the size and appearance of the breasts. Women have also had their breasts injected with various substances, such as silicone oil, paraffin, and fat, all of which are ineffective.

More than one million women around the world have undergone breast implant surgery over the past 30 years. For women considering breast augmentation, the paramount question still being asked is: “Are breast implants safe?”

Since 1992, there have been more than 20 important studies that were undertaken to determine whether breast implants cause breast cancer or connective tissue disorders (CTD) such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and systemic lupus. The overwhelming consensus of researchers is that there is NO scientific proof that breast implants cause breast cancer or CTD. There was no association found between breast implants and the aforementioned diseases. The conclusions of these scientific studies have been supported by prestigious medical groups, such as the American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, American College of Rheumatology, and the British Department of Health.

The major concern regarding breast implants has to do with local complications, such as capsular contracture and implant rupture. Capsular contracture refers to the unnatural firmness of the breast caused by tightening of scar tissue around the implant, occurring in 5 to 10% of patients.

Despite these concerns, many women decide to undergo breast augmentation to improve their appearance and improve the way they feel about themselves. After the surgery, almost all report an increase in self-confidence.

It is very important that patients exercise care in selecting a surgeon. It is best to choose a surgeon who has had specialized training and experience in plastic surgery to help them properly evaluate the risks versus the benefits of breast augmentation surgery.

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