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Comparative Prices: Philippines vs. U.S. Average Costs

Q: How much will the surgery cost and will I be able to afford it?

The Philippines’ highly favorable exchange rate can benefit both local and foreign patients desiring plastic surgery. Professional fees and overhead costs for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures are much lower when compared to the United States and other countries. The following table gives an example of average Surgeon’s fees in the United States compared to fees in the Philippines.

Common Cosmetic Surgery ProceduresSurgeon’s Fees in the U.S.A.
(In US dollars)
Surgeon’s Fees in the Philippines
(In US dollars)
Blepharoplasty – Upper eyelid$1,500$600-800
Blepharoplasty – Lower eyelid$1,500$600-800
Blepharoplasty – Creation of upper eyelid fold$1,500$800
Botox injection$400$230
Breast augmentation$6,000-8,000$2,500-4,350
Breast lift (mastopexy)$5,503$1,700
Breast reduction$5,000$2,500
Buttock lift$5,717$2,500
Cheek implant$4,000$900
Chemical Peel $516$250
Chin augmentation$3,500$560
Ear Surgery$4,168$1,500
Face and Neck lift $5,000$2,500
Forehead lift$3,000$1,350
Midface (Cheek) Lift$3,000$1,350
Neck Lift$3,000$1,350
Liposuction first area$2,500-4,500$800
Liposuction for each suceeding area $2,049$500
Otoplasty (correction of floppy ears) – one side$1,500$450
Rhinoplasty: Noselift (augmentation)$3,000$400-500
Rhinoplasty: Nasal Tip reshaping$3,000$400-500
Rhinoplasty: Alar Plasty$3,000$400-500
Rhinoplasty: Nose reduction$5,000-6,000$900-1500

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