Computer Imaging in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Computer imaging is one of the latest techniques in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. Today, most progressive cosmetic plastic surgeons offer computer imaging in their practice during the consultation with their patients.

After listening to your concerns, preferences and expectations, your plastic surgeon will discuss your cosmetic surgery options. He will also show you before-and-after photos of patients with cases similar to yours.

To help you visualize and understand the possibilities that plastic surgery can offer, he may use computer imaging. First, he will take a digital picture of the area of your body that you are concerned about. Then, this image is uploaded into the computer. Using a special computer software, the image is manipulated on the computer screen, simulating the results of surgical procedures. The “After” image on the computer screen helps both you and your surgeon determine an appropriate goal for the procedure you are considering. It provides you with a visual idea of how you will look after your cosmetic surgery. Computer imaging has proven to be a valuable tool in helping many patients consider their options during the decision making process.

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