The Dangers of Silicone oil injections for Non-surgical Breast Augmentation and Noselifts

Have you ever held a bag of marbles in your hand? Believe it or not, this was how my patient’s breasts felt like. She had multiple lumps all over her breasts, the result of multiple injections of silicone oil given one year ago. She felt insecure about her small breasts and she wanted them to be enlarged. Someone told her of a method that was fast and cheap. Nobody told her she was going to end up this way.

I have seen a number of patients who have been victimized by glib-talking people extolling the virtues of silicone oil injections. The primary attraction is the cost: “only” P40,000 for breast enlargement, which is less than half of the average cost for breast augmentation with medical-grade silicone gel implants. For those desiring a noselift, the cost is from P7,000 to P14,000. Victims are often “fast-talked” into undergoing the procedure; they are not given the time to consult with their doctor.

Noselifts and breast augmentations are two of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgeries, but there are many who find the expense quite prohibitive. Thus the lure of low-cost injections is hard to resist. When the complications arise, these victims end up spending more.

Those whose noses are injected with silicone oil end up with noses looking like the noses of lions – as the silicone oil spreads through the tissues with time, the bridge of the nose flattens out and becomes wider. The skin is often reddish, a result of chronic inflammation of the tissues.

The people who perform silicone oil injections are hard to catch. They do not have any permanent offices. They go from one beauty parlor to another; they transfer from house to house, going wherever there is someone gullible enough to fall for their sales pitch.

I hope that with articles like this, people will become aware of the dangers of silicone oil injections so that they can avoid its consequences.

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