Mentor Implants Now Available in the Philippines

Patients considering breast augmentation now have a wider array of breast implants to choose from with the entry of Mentor Corporation into the Philippine market. Mentor is one of only two companies in the world to receive US Food and Drug Administration approval for saline implants. It is also one of only two companies allowed to sell silicone gel products in the U.S. under an Adjunct Study.

Mentor has been making breast implants for the past 30 years. It is recognized for its rigorous quality control process and offers a lifetime replacement policy on all its gel and saline implants.

Mentor offers 3 kinds of cohesive gels in its implants: Cohesive I, Cohesive II and Cohesive III.

Cohesive I is the standard cohesive level gel used; it is the softest gel and is used in Round Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile and Becker implants.

Cohesive II is a slightly firmer gel, for those who want a firmer feeling implant. This is used in Round Moderate Profile implants.

Cohesive III is Mentor’s most cohesive gel. It provides retention of shape with more firmness than Cohesive II, for optimal cosmetic results. This gel is used in Mentor’s Contour Profile implant.

It is best to sit down with your plastic surgeon in order to determine the breast implant that is best suited to your needs.

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