Continuing Education for Plastic Surgeons: An Essential

When I went to Chicago last year to attend the annual conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, I had the privilege to attend the INAMED Academy, an educational course provided to board-certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons, and plastic surgery residents by INAMED Aesthetics, (formerly McGhan® Medical Corporation). The stated mission of INAMED Academy is “to educate through a unique forum that reinforces product knowledge, encourages practice innovation and allows for the exchange of new ideas”.

INAMED has been in the business of manufacturing and marketing of breast implants, tissue expanders, and dermal filler products for the past 25 years. The company has pioneered innovations such as the patented INTRASHIEL® Barrier Shell, the BIOCELL® Textured Shell and unique silicone-fill technology. INAMED is well known for its unique BioDIMENSIONAL® Planning System, which provides guidance for patients and their plastic surgeons in finding the right implant for individual breast characteristics and personal goals. In 1999 INAMED acquired the Collagen Aesthetics Corporation and it emerged as the leader in injectable dermal-filler products. The company’s Zyderm® and Zyplast® injectable collagen product line has been used in more than 1.5 million procedures and has become the standard of care for the past 20 years.

The course program consisted of a whole day of lectures and updates on different topics. In the morning, lectures were given regarding advanced approaches in Facial Contouring. Among the topics discussed were: “Optimizing Facial Aesthetic Outcomes”, “Combination Therapy: Expanding Role of Dermal Fillers within Surgery”, and case study reviews by a panel. The panel discussed treatment approaches and options, facial contouring, technique “pearls”, and minimizing and avoiding complications. There was also a live injection demonstration of advanced techniques.

This was then followed by talks regarding practice enhancement and “Marketing Tools for Success”. Specific topics discussed were: “Marketing Basics/External Marketing/Managing Your Marketing”, “Practice Enhancement Programs”, and “Running a Practice: Case Example”.

The afternoon lectures centered on breast implants. Among the topics discussed were the following: “FDA Update”, “Rationale for Form Stable versus Non-Form Stable Breast Implants”, and “Personal Experience Using the Style 410”. This was then followed by an Interactive Panel which discussed breast surgery complications, management of breast asymmetry, and expander-assisted breast reconstruction.

The course faculty was composed of distinguished plastic surgeons, namely, Scott Spear, G. Patrick Maxwell, Mark Jewell, Steven Teitelbaum, Per Heden, and several others.

Continuing education is very important for medical professionals and it is essential for plastic surgeons to avail of opportunites like the INAMED Academy to keep up to date with the many developments in plastic and cosmetic surgery products and techniques. It is in this way we can provide our patients with the best options and techniques available.

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