Affordable Quality Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

Affordable Aptos Thread Feather Lift

Affordable Aptos Thread Lift Woman leaning on hand.

Cosmetic surgery such as the Aptos Thread Feather Lift is very affordable in the Philippines. Lower overhead costs and professional fees makes it possible for U.S. trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Carlos Lasa, Jr. to perform these surgeries at a fraction of the cost of the same procedures in the United States, U.K. and other countries, without sacrificing quality of care.

The Philippines’ medical services can rival the best in the world. Most Filipino doctors speak English fluently, ensuring the good communication between surgeon and patient that is essential during consultation. There are qualified and well-trained plastic surgeons who charge relatively affordable fees, especially if they practice in Asian countries like the Philippines, where cost of living expenses are low and if they can keep overhead costs low by having modest outpatient surgery clinics. However, be careful if the cosmetic surgery provider you’re considering charges much lower than others in the same country. Although price is definitely a factor when considering elective surgery, patients seeking quality medical care at very affordable prices should know that choosing the right surgeon is the single most important decision they will make. For best results for your Aptos® Thread Feather Lift, choose an authentic plastic surgeon who has had formal training in plastic and reconstructive surgery and experience in this particular procedure.


Also called the Feather Lift, this is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation method which uses the patented Aptos Threads, Aptos Wires, Aptos Springs and Aptos Needles developed by Russian scientist, Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze. This alternative procedure is ideal for patients who would like a more conservative and minimally invasive procedure to rejuvenate the face.

It can be applied to brow, forehead, neck, jaw line and cheek lifting. It is ideal for nose-cheek folds, loosened cheeks and brows, and for tightening the neck area.

Polypropylene threads with fine cogs or barbs cut into the thread are inserted strategically to achieve the desired tissue support and remain anchored in their new position for years to come. It has a shorter recovery period and facial swelling usually subsides within a week, as compared to 3 weeks for the usual facelift surgery.

After an Aptos facelift, the patient is advised to avoid manipulating the face for the next 2 weeks. As much as possible, the patient is also advised not to perform animated facial movements , such as smiling, in order not to displace the Aptos threads while they are in the process of being fixed to the surrounding tissues.

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